Vanishing Point A Bookand Websiteby Ander Monson



A big part of the city is the labyrinth of it, the press and weight of it, the underdark of it, the anonymity of it, the complexity of it, the history of it, and the more you think about city the more you realize it centers around it, literally, as in the word does, but also the idea. The city contains it, or else it is not a city. If your city is any good at all, it harbors an essential mystery, a magic, honeyed center. And your task is to find it. And to keep finding it. Improbably it will involve happiness. More than likely your city will be built on pain and the strong wills of the obvious few, and the abetting of the others who did not get a street or building named after them. So a big part of the city is the finding of the city, and the fingering of its stories as if they were coins minted in some land so remote that you don't even recognize the metal.