My Armless Brother's Prayer List (Not in Order of Importance)


Angel of Incidence
Angel of Dream Violence
Angel of Reflection
Angel of Ziebart Rustproofing
Angel of Huge Snow
Angel of Gasoline Stored in the Basement
Angel of Phosphorus Bits Found on the Tracks
Angel of Alum Poured over Pizza
Angel of Unbreakable Combs
Angel of Carob
Angel of Domestic Beer
Angel of Poorly Made Beds
Angel of Fart Joke
Bruised Angel
Angel of Fascination With Saws
Angel Who Feeds the Animals While We’re Away
Angel of Difficulty in Brushing Your Gums
Angel of Dream Logic
Angel of Stop Signs Set on Fire
Angel of Running Away
Angel of Plastique
Angel of Saltpeter and Vaseline
Angel of Crushed Trachea
Angel of Gas and Detergent
Angel of Bomb
Angel of Armlessness
Angel of Static
Angel of One Too Many Emergency Rooms
Sexy Nurse Angel Who Is Featured in Many Good Dreams
Angel of Clean Amputation
Angel of Asphalt
Angel of Backsaw, Bandsaw, Bench Saw, Bucksaw, Butcher’s Saw, And Chain Saw
Very Popular Angel
Angel of Circular Concave Saw
Angel of Compass And Coping Saws
Angel of Structurally Unsound Decks through which One Might Fall
Angel of My Friend Corey Who Lost His Hearing
Angel of Ore
Angel of Irregular Retina
Angel of Black Remnants of Mining
Angel of Michigan
Angel of Words Half-Formed in the Throat
Angel of Turpentine
Angel of Submersion
Angel of Electric Garbage Disposal
Angel of Submission
Angel of Petty Vandalism
Angel Who Is Anatomically Correct Much to My Surprise
Angel of Arsenic
Angel of Abandoned Mineshafts
Angel of Steam Hoists
Angel of Angles, Acute and Obtuse
Angel of Bear Trap
Angel of Power Tool Accident
Angel of Cancer
Angel of Toilet Sabotage
Angel of Primary Colors
Angel of Returnable Cans Found in the Ditch
Crosscut Saw Angel
Deep-Throat Coping Saw Angel
Angel of Polishing Stones
Angel of Urination in Public Bathrooms
Fret Saw Angel
Angel of Mineral Deposits
Angel of All the Sad Beasts
Angel of Big League Chew
Angel of Not Making the Cut
Angel of Crappy 70s Rock
Angel of Sodomy
Angel of Pompeii
Angel of Careless Brothers
Angel of False Testimony Presented in Court
Angel of Snuff
Angel of Old Dust
Utility Angel
Angel of Gangrene
Angel of Pure Accident
Angel of Perfect Pitch
Angel of Bad Intonation
Angel of Getting It Right
Angel That Cannot Be Fucked With Under Any Conditions, No Matter How Spastic
Hairy And Terrifying Angel
Most Fearsome Angel Holding My Head In Its Fist
Angel With One Terrible Eye
Angel That Impales Me in My Dreams Over and Over
Angel of Future Seeing
Angel of Closed Mines
Angel of Bats Zig-Zagging Underground In Darkness
Angel of What’s Left
Angel of What Was There In The First Place
Aphasiac Angel Who Takes Care Of Words
Angel of Tender Mystery
Bullfight Angel
Angel of Resisting Narration
Angel of Pie
Angel of Index
Angel Who Is Difficult To Track Down And Who Won’t Return My Calls
Olde Time Radio Angel
Anachronism Angel
Angel of Salve
Sharp-Angled Angel
Angel of Carrying On Until I’m Good And Done
Angel of Climate
Insubordinate Angel
Gone Father Angel
Angel of Hack And Hole Saw
Jigsaw Angel
Mother Space Angel
Frequency-Modulated Angel
Angel of Crest and Trough
Angel Who Will Hold Me Responsible For All I Have Done
Angel of Sin Accounting
Angel of Singing Sinuses
Angel of Minor and Mirror
Angel of Alka Seltzer Fed To Seagulls
Reprehensible Angel
Mad Libs Angel Who Keeps Things Light
Angel of Plumb Bob
Angel of Straight Bore
Angel of Ripsaw
Mother Angel Who Isn’t So Around That She’s Everywhere But Who Shows Up Often
Enough To Keep Us Interested
Angel Whose Absence Is Noted
Angel Fish Kept In The New Water
Angel of The Time I Tried Feeding My Friend Jeremiah’s Poodles, Pupper And Muffin, To
His Pirahnas
Sole Angel of Very Spooked Pirahna
Angel of Frustration At Wacky Prank Gone Awry
Tommy Gun Angel
Tommy Hilfiger Angel
Angel of Shoes Made In Sweatshops
Angel of Gang Violence Seen On TV
Ghetto Superstar Angel
Angel of Wide Angle Lens
Angel of Keyhole and Miter Box Saw
Angel of Pruning And Radial Arm Saw
Angel of F-Stop
Ineffectual Angel
Don’t Pray To Me Angel
Don’t Ask Me For Forgiveness, You Freak Angel
Pray To Your Own God Damn Self Angel
Angel of Expectation
Indifferent Angel
Gel Angel
Regrettable Angel
Angel of End
Angel of Piezoelectricity
Angel of Nod To The Workshop
Easy-To-Assemble Angel
Epistolary Angel Who Is Not Heard From Often
Angel Of Fire Gone Out Of Control
Angel of Days Rued
Corporeal Angel Who Smells Too Much Like Beef
Sudafed Angel
Bacitracin Angel
Angel Who Does Robo Shots With Me In The Bathroom
Very Cool Angel
Reciprocating Saw Angel
Ripsaw Angel
Triaminic Angel
Antihistamine Angel
Taken Once-A-Day Angel To Keep Other Angels In Check
Single Angel Looking To Score
On-The-Make Angel
Angel of Abbreviated Words
Misnomer Angel
Angel of Loose Meaning
Angel of Alcoholic Lucidity
Angel of Generic Lonely Feeling
Noun Angel
Angel Who Is Ironically Unknowable
Angel Made Of Ice And Piss
Angel of Ash And Light
Angel of Prism and Prison
Antifreeze Angel Served To Cats
Angel of Hardly Being Able To Live With Yourself After That
Angel To Come Back To When Everyone Else Has Gone
Leftover Angel
Homemade Angel
Empty Parking Lot Angel
Angel of Construction
Angel of Immanence
Stunned Angel
Angel Six And Fourteen
Angel of Axe Acts
Magnetic Fridge Angel
Sabre Saw Angel
Angel of Scroll Saw
Table Saw Angel and Tenon Saw Angel
Angel of Worth
Angel of Being Lifted Up Without Reason
Confectionery Angel
Angel Who Is So Beautiful That Looking At Him Is Like Cotton Candy Except So
Much Better And You Don’t Have To Throw Up Afterwards
Angel of Idea and End
Angel of Bones Like A Bird
Angel of Marrow
Lesser Angel of The Ear, Where The Balance Is Kept