Whoa—just listening now to some sound files from the site, which are far weirder than the video. Listen to SexyHics.mp3 (which is in no way sexy to these ears)—

just hiccups, a female probably, recorded on a home mic, probably, a webcam maybe, and that's it—silence

punctuated by hiccups

no dirty talk

or anything

just white space, I guess
or the audio equivalent—

it's so unreal

it's almost forlorn

it is really something special

and now we're really

moving down

the rabbit hole, and you

can go further

if you like

on your





I'd credit the mp3 to someone if I knew who to credit it to.

back to page 306—and yes, I realize that I'm violating the Choose Your Own Adventure method by letting you go back, but let's face it, you went back when you read those books anyways: you'd keep your hand on the page you just leapt from (an early kind of save-game mechanism) in case you made the wrong decision.