It seems that we are ever further into the labyrinth as a result of this continued tinkering, this building and shifting about of links and further pages. As suggested, there are a number of problems with the text as first edition, as codex form, and the simplest way to remedy this is via errata sheets, which are the words you clicked on to bring you here. Of these there are so far only one:

Download Errata sheet 1 as a pdf file and you will see what I mean. Unfortunately even the errata sheet 1 contains errors. For instance, I have since learned that in fact there is such a country as Qatar in spite of its improbable spelling and uselessness in Scrabble, what with its proper-nouniness. So we will surely see another errata sheet. And actually there is (of course) an online compendium of them. See here. Which is inarguably fabulous.

Who compiles these? Surely not the authors, though my friend Matt Vadnais tells me stories of one of my favorite authors Charles Baxter signing his copy of The Feast of Love and correcting errors in the text (even lovingly, it was suggested) by hand. In the wiki linked above it is (close) readers who have noticed these (perceived) errata and communicated them (as, perhaps, geeks of all stripes enjoy nitpickery and the public demonstration of their attention) to the Internet, which is to say to each other really, which is also to say occasionally to the authors if they are self-obsessed enough (or happen randomly) to look themselves up on there.

At any rate I mean to say that if you notice obvious errors, please feel free to post them to the Internet or to me, preferably via telegram. See the book for full contact information.

* Almost immediate update: the wiki for errata is demonstrably sad and sparse. The titles seem to be only open-content wikibooks titles (or so it would appear).



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