For links to some of the newest work online, best to click over to The Swarm for the newest pieces.

New book forthcoming in early 2015 called Letter to a Future Lover.



The Website for the newest book, The Available World, rocking & strange poems from Sarabande Books (book released officially 06/01/10), is live. Preorder from Amazon or from whatever bookseller you like the best.

A couple of the poems have videos on Youtube also. Search for ander monson and see what happens.

Have you seen the DIAGRAM 10th anniversary playing card deck of awesomeness with sweet cards written by favs Jenny Boully, Kellie Wells, Ben Marcus, Paul La Farge, Emma Ramey, Jason Bredle, Lucy Corin, John D'Agata, and others (plus a piece of my own)? $10. They're limited edition so buy them while you can.

The events page has a bunch of readings happening this summer and fall. They will rule. Come and see. Come and play, come and play, forget about the movement. (Done.)

New book's out, getting awesome reviews, except on Amazon where it has no reviews. WTF is what we say. Readers? (cricket, cricket...) But you can go to the website for it and muck about as you like: Vanishing Point.


Forthcoming & Recent Things:

New story, "Weep No More Over This Event," in the new issue of Tin House.

"Exteriority" (from Vanishing Point, published originally in Hotel Amerika) selected as a Notable Essay of 2009 in the new Best American Essays.

Three new poems forthcoming in Salt Hill.

One piece of my new book, Vanishing Point is comin' out: "Geas," in Fourth Genre, in later 2009.

"The Essay Vanishes" showed up recently in Indiana Review.

New story, "New Golem," published in Witness.

New poems, "Faux Fur Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Digital Cable" and "Poem in Which Jenny Brings the Rock" in Tammy.

New poem: "Utterance" in LIT.

New poems (and an interview): "The Usual Kind of Coma," Short Sermon On/For The Serious Number," and "Dear Boar" in Fourth River.


Recent things:

My essay, "Ceremony," originally published in The Believer, was just republished in The Best Creative Nonfiction Volume 2 (W. W. Norton).

One of the essays written exclusively for this website, in Dreamweaver no less, and subsequently republished by The Pinch, being a cool magazine out of University of Memphis, has been selected for The Best American Essays 2008. This essay is "Solipsism." This means, among other things, that I will have to retract my sometimes criticism of the stodginess of this particular venerable literary institution. I also imagine this is the first essay written for a website selected for this series. That's pretty fun. It's available here under the Neck Deep section, though since it ruminates on its own creation and online publication, when it was republished, it additionally ruminates on being republished, and the republishing necessitated a redesign and revision. I doubt they'll let me add a section in BAE ruminating on being included in BAE, but I'll be damned if I won't try. It's a pretty bizarrely laid out piece. Check it out. I have to imagine it'll be the most whacked-out thing in the issue. Selected by New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik, who is now officially the man.

My newest, Our Aperture, a chapbook of poems, is out 01.20.08 from New Michigan Press. Order [here].

Also it turns out that I am one of the winners of the Great Lakes Colleges Association New Writers award for Neck Deep and Other Predicaments. This means I'll be touring many of the GLCA colleges in 2008-2009. Rock.



Where to find me. You might try emailing me at ander [at symbol which is pretty] if you like.

There is further information under Neck Deep on this page, including biographical info, author photo, and other sorts of scaffolding.