it moves at night from one world to another




some on the floor

some in the body. Some comes in stones.

Some moons.

The word stanza comes from house.

Italian comes from the Olive Garden.

Ogive from mathematics,        

the language we use when we want to specify a shape

in which we might collect or carry blood, bees,

levees, bones, dialtones.

Is it just a jar, this exterior,                                                                                                

an anger container, an Ander

an other container

the retainer I was supposed to wear at night

but didn't, the retaining wall

I was asked to build

and said I did when questioned.

When it rained the yard collapsed.

That is a fact. You may think

they don't matter anymore.

We hear that a lot down here.

We're not sure

we believe in you either.